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Welcome to TKeyaAnn.org

Where We Walk with Purpose, Not on Purpose.

T'Keya Ann created the brand walk in purpose and not on purpose: meaning that sometimes we just fall
backwards and let life navigate our hopes. However, with her strategy you can take control of your journey
without allowing society and culture norms to tell you what you can and cannot achieve.

Faith without work is a pipe dream and TKeya Ann is a prime example that with your faith in place, high
spirits, sacrifice and dedication you too can walk in your purpose.

This journey started as a healing process for Tkeya. From bed hoping and flight catching TKeya was your
modern party girl chasing all the glitz and glam. And while it was fun for a while Tkeya was not fulfilled and
knew she wanted more out of life. By journaling daily and sharing her thoughts via social media Tkeya
found her purpose and now she is sharing her story in hopes to help you find yours.


Faith-Based Approach

I use my kindhearted and encouraging words to help set you free. Book me to host your next workshop, conference, or seminar, inspire your audience, or chat one on one. Let's get started.


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About Me

If you’ve ever battled with your identity, sexuality, insecurity, doubt, fear, and negativity, Tkeya Corbin wants you to know you are not alone. The inspirational speaker, author, and writer has been set free from the self-doubt and fears by being transparent and authentic about her pain. You see to heal, you have to admit you are hurt. Tkeya knows by writing and speaking her truths, she’ll set other women, like you, free, too.


The truth is Tkeya is more than a motivational speaker. Unlike the traditional speakers who give unrealistic advice to achieve unrealistic goals, Tkeya challenges you to find the answers to the question: what next for my life? With her voice and words, she stirs up what God has already placed inside of you. She’ll call you to listen to God’s voice and remind you that that purpose and dream starts with YOU. 

Will you listen to God and do Kingdom work, or will you just exist without finding true peace, joy, and love?

Tkeya chooses Kingdom work and knows God has a calling on your life -- each and every one of us. Through her writing and speaking, she prays that she can lead more women to Walk with Purpose and not walk on purpose.

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If there’s one thing I know, when I speak my truths, I set other women, like you, free, too. I want to inspire you with canvases & mousepads to remind you of your purpose. Be reminded of how amazing you are, sis.