Walk with Purpose Not on Purpose Book

Walk with Purpose Not on Purpose Book

Are you in a place where you feel stuck and don’t know where to begin?
We all deal with the same emotions & life pains, but we just experience them differently.
Trust me, we all want to live a life that leaves a major impact on society and one day a legacy!
Are you ready to be the best version of you internally and externally? Are you ready to show up for you unapologetically? Are you ready to see if you let God use what in your hands and focus on this vision, where life will take you?

If the answer is Yes to all those questions, then this book is for you.

In a social media driven world...Who needs yet another distraction? Sometimes it can be hard to find your God given gift if you’re guided by social media & not looking within. If you are looking for insight, tools, “the basics”, and a road map on how to Walk with Purpose. I am not an expert, nor have I earned any fancy degrees. I am just a girl from Pittsburgh that is starting a new chapter in life with God’s grace. When God placed the idea of this book on my heart it was indeed my “AHA” moment! For years I searched for my purpose but couldn’t find a lane that suited me best. God then guided me & I followed! I followed all the way until I got to that “AHA” moment!

    TKeya Ann

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