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Walk with Purpose Journal

Walk with Purpose Journal

-Hardback notebook with stamped logo
-Gold spiral binding 
-Journal size 6.25x 8.25
-210 blank  lined pages every 35 page - are separated by the including quotes: 

•Remind yourself daily: All the things I need are inside of me. My life and my gifts are unique, I don’t compare or compete. Today I will embrace me. 
•Learn to apply life to life the knowledge you learn from life experience, becomes wisdom over time. 
•Everyday you wake up, you have choices to make. Your choices determine how you will spend your days! Choose wisely 
•Figure our what happiness looks like to you. Your happiness doesn’t look like mine and mine don’t look like yours!
•When motivation runs out, that when self discipline kicks in. Same goals, different approach. 
•Work your plan, until your plan works for you! 
-Journal can be closed using the thin black elastic band.
-Include secure front pocket 
-Made in China 
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